Fishing and Hunting Lodge

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We organize seasonal hunting for European roe deer, fox, raccoon, hare, duck.

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We invite all fishing fans to the Lake of the Kamenka village in the Schuchinski district. Get the unforgettable enjoyment and delight of the true fishing!

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Horse riding

Horse riding is a life-giving clean air, good physical exercise and emotional reload. Do not let escape the wonderful chance to contribute to your personal health.

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Countryside relaxation

You really want to have a good time and enjoy nature? Then we guarantee you healthy, pleasant and cosy rest. The amazing beautiful nature in combination with European comfort is waiting for you.

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Our pets

One of the main specialties of the Fishing and Hunting Lodge Kamenskoje is the opportunity to interact with animals. In the territory live minks, pheasants, Indian peafowls, wild geese, chiсkens, rabbits, an axis and fallow deer, mute swan, Cameroonian and homemade goat, barbary sheep, mouflon. We have also recently settled Kulan named "Musician". Mini Zoo is protected by American dog Akita named Steel.

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+375 29 101 22 86

History review of the Schuki village

The small village Schuki lost in remote woodland is located in 48 km distance from Grodno and in 22 km from Schuchin. The area is unique in nature and history. Ancient pines and white trunked birches enclose the village.



The celebrated a wedding 4/22/2017, the organization, kitchen and service - was top-level, guests were delighted, the place holding a celebration really fantastic, picturesque and ideal. A unique interior, warm and muffled tone, wooden constructions, immerse in the serene atmosphere of special hospitality and rest. We want to express huge gratitude to all collective Hunting-fishing large "KAMENSKOE" and to wish success and prosperity!!!
Victor, Minsk


Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Schuchinski district,
Kamenskij rural council, village Schuki

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